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Department of Life Sciences

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Research at the Department has a fundamental and applied aspect:

  • Plant cell wall biophysics - a fundamental and applicable aspect of research, with the potential for application in assessing the quality of wood in the wood industry, or the quality of biomass of different origins.
  • Biomass from renewable sources for energy production and water purification - optimization of methods for isolating polymers and enzymes from waste biomass and their further use as a base in the synthesis of hydrogels for applications in industry and pharmacy.
  • Nanoparticles in the environment - interaction with plants, adoption and translocation of nanoparticles in plants, their possible toxicity, and their potential role in the modulation of certain types of stress.
  • Modification of antioxidant metabolism in stress - interaction of plants and environmental factors (abiotic and biotic) and mechanisms of acclimatization to changed conditions at different levels of organization of the plant organism.
  • Development of application of optical spectroscopy methods (fluorescent, infrared) in structural and diagnostic studies of plant and animal systems of different complexity.
  • Development of hyphenated analytical methods such as LC-MS and LC-PAD. Use of advanced mass spectroscopy and electrochemical methods in metabolite detection.
  • Research of health benefit components of food.
  • Redox biochemistry and biomedicine - redox and coordinative interactions of transition metals with biomolecules, drugs and pollutants; the role of transition metals and free radicals in human diseases.
  • Effects of low-dose ionizing radiation on unicellular algae as model organisms.
  • Fungal ecophysiology and biodiversity. Growth of plants and fungi, and defending against salt stress.
  • Development of application of mathematical and advanced statistical methods in the design of experiments and analyses of different experimental results.
  • Electrophysiological studies of physiological properties of cells of the nervous system, interactions of neurotransmitters and zinc, cerebrovascular processes and membrane properties of non - adhesive cells.
  • Investigations of the interaction of insects with natural and artificial agents for the purpose of different applications in agriculture.

Head of department: Dr Ksenija Radotić Hadži-Manić

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