University of Belgrade - Institute for Multidisciplinary Research

Ivan Spasojević

PhD in Biophysical sciences

Research Professor

Address: Bulevar despota Stefana 142, 11060 Belgrade

Telephone: (+381) 11 2078 459

Research area

Chemistry and metabolism of free radicals and transition metals


EPR Spectroscopy

  • Biography
  • Projects
  • Selected publications

1.Work experience:

  • 2014–2020 Head of Department of Life Sciences, IMSI
  • 2012– Principal Research Fellow, IMSI
  • 2006–2012 Research Associate, IMSI
  • 2008–2009 Invited lecturer of ‘Biophysical Chemistry’, undergraduate program at the Faculty of Physical Chemistry, University of Belgrade


  • 2006 PhD in Biophysics, University of Belgrade
  • 2002 BSc in Molecular Biology and Physiology, Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade

3.Awards and certificates:

  • 2018 Best Climate-Smart Idea Award, UNDP Serbia
  • 2016 Best Publication of the Year Prize, IMSI

4.Other professional activities

Courses taught:

  • 2014– ‘Chemistry and Metabolism of Free Radicals’, Biophysics PhD program at the University of Belgrade

Editorial and Reviewer’s activity (journals, books, projects):

  • 2017 Advisory Editor for European Biophysics Journal
  • 2016-2020 Editor of Proceedings of Conferences of Serbian Biochemical Society
  • 2012 Lead Guest Editor for journal Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity (Special Issue entitled “Hydrogen Peroxide in Adaptation”)
  • Reviewed over 50 papers in international journals, including Antioxidants and Redox Signaling (9), Carbohydrate Research (3), Journal of Serbian Chemical Society (5), FEBS Journal, Metallomics, BioMetals, Chemo-Biological Interactions, and others.


  • 2020 Member of Society for Free Radicals Research – Europe
  • 2013-2017 Chairman of the Publication Committee of Serbian Biochemical Society
  • 2011 Member of Serbian Biochemical Society
  • 2007   Member of Biophysical Society of Serbia
  • 2005   Member of Society of Physical Chemists of Serbia


  • NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme ‘Radiation hormesis for higher microalgae biofuels yield’, No. G5320 (Director; 2017-2020)
  • UNDP Serbia, Climate Smart Urban Development Project ‘LIQUID3’, No. 00094603/07/2020 (PI; 2020–2021)
  • Innovation Fund of the Republic of Serbia, Proof of Concept Project ‘SORBWALL technology – Microalgal cell wall-based composites for biosorption of metals from polluted waters’, No. 5033 (PI; 2020-2021)


  • COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology); Cost Action CA15133 The Biogenesis of Iron-sulfur Proteins: from Cellular Biology to Molecular Aspects – FeSBioNet (Work Group 4 Leader; 2017-2020)
  • Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia; OI173014 Molecular mechanisms of redox signaling in homeostasis, adaptation and pathology (Member; 2011-2019)
  • Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia; OI173017 Study of structure-function relationships in the plant cell wall and modifications of the wall structure by enzyme engineering (Member; 2011-2019)
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