University of Belgrade - Institute for Multidisciplinary Research

Dragica Spasojević

PhD in Biochemical sciences

Research Associate

Address: Bulevar despota Stefana 142, 11060 Belgrade

Telephone: (+381) 11 2078 451

Research area

Biopolymers in hydrogel synthesis and their application, plant enzymes-characterization, modifications and immobilizations.


Work on spectro- and microplate photometers, 2D chromatography equipments, advanced user of computer programs (MS Office packages, Origin, EndNote, etc.), fluent in English.

  • Biography
  • Projects
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1.Work experience:

  • 2018-present: Research Fellow (Research Assistant Professor), Institute for Multidisciplinary Research, University of Belgrade.
  • 2012-2018: Research Assistant, Institute for Multidisciplinary Research, University of Belgrade.
  • 2011-2012: Research Trainee, Institute for Multidisciplinary Research, University of Belgrade.


  • 2017: PhD in Biochemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, Belgrade.
  • 2009: MSc in Biochemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, Belgrade.

3.Other professional activities

Courses taught:

  • May 2015, Proteomics School-Theoretical and practical foundations, Faculty of Chemistry, Belgrade.


  • Member of the Biochemical Society of Serbia.


  • 2011-Current: Study of structure-function relationships in the plant cell wall and modifications of the wall structure by enzyme engineering, national project funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of
  • 2019-2021: Microstructural and mechanical characteristics of concrete with addition of renewable materials, bilateral project between the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Croatia.


  • 2019-2020: Hydrogels with synthesized lignin oligomers as antimicrobial substances and wound healing agents – funded by the Technology Transfer Center of the University of Belgrade.
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