University of Belgrade - Institute for Multidisciplinary Research


The mission is to contribute to the acquisition of new knowledge and education of high-quality scientific staff through the application and development of multidisciplinary and excellence in science and thus increase the capacities and resources of society to more successfully face complex challenges and transformations.


Our vision is to be a leading scientific institution in the realization of multidisciplinary scientific programs and is based on four postulates:


Expertise, acquisition of new fundamental knowledge, innovation, development of quality and competitive scientific youth, critical and innovative approach in the application of methods and techniques, cooperation with leading world research centers, fostering ethics in research and high-quality and critical work;


Encouraging communication and cooperation among researchers from various scientific fields, formation of multidisciplinary teams, implementation of interdisciplinary projects and strategic expansion of human and material resources;


Horizontal mobility of researchers between teams to solve individual problems and implement complex projects, the introduction of new methods, cooperation with other institutes in the country and abroad. Vertical mobility in terms of supporting the individual progress of researchers and the realization of the work of doctoral and postdoctoral studies abroad, as well as the development of young leaders.


Connection with the wider scientific and social community, involvement of the Institute in educational, economic and social activities, involvement in international organizations, fostering good interpersonal relations and lively and free scientific discussion.