University of Belgrade - Institute for Multidisciplinary Research

Current projects


FundingGrant NoTitle (acronym)IMSI roleLinkStartEnd
The Innovation Fund/ Technology Transfer Programme1120SORBWALL TECHNOLOGY -Microalgal cell wall-based composites for biosorption of metals from polluted waters Leader20222023
The Innovation Fund/ Technology Transfer Programme1111Zinc encapsulated in biodegradable polymers: a sustainable solution for cereals boosting Leader20222023
Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia/ Program IDEAS7714356Control and manipulation of light in complex photonic systems (CompsLight)PartnerLink20212024
Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia/ Program IDEAS7742318Evaluation of the Microplastic in the Soils of Serbia (EMIPLAST-SoS)LeaderLink20212024
Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia/ Program IDEAS7739571Silicon for Crops in the 21st Century (Si4Crop)LeaderLink20212024


FundingGrant NoTitle (acronym)IMSI roleLinkStartEnd
European Commision, European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency101093985Restoration of the Danube river basin waters for Ecosystems and People from Mountains to Coast – DANUBE4AllPartner20232027
European CommissionCA21166Social Sciences and Humanities for Transformation and Climate ResiliencePartner20222026
Bilateral scientific cooperation between Republic of Serbia and Federal Republic of GermanyDevelopment of hyphenated methods as a new analytical tool for profiling of root exudate metabolites and dissolved element species in the rhizosphere20222023
European CommissionCA21103Implementation of Circular Economy in the Built EnvironmentPartner20222026
European Commision, European Research Executive Agency (HORIZON EUROPE)101059498Ecosystem-based Adaptation and Changemaking to Shape, Protect and Maintain the Resilience of
Tomorrow’s Forests — eco2adapt
Horizon 2020101007623Innovation in Truffle cultivation, preservation, processing and wild truffle resources management / INTACTPartner20212025
European CommissionCA20116European Network for Innovative and Advanced Epitaxy20212025
European ComissionMaking the Iron Gates dams passable for Danube sturgeon (WE PASS 2)Sub-contractor20212023
European Network for Innovative and Advanced Epitaxy (OPERA)COST CA2011620212025
Bilateral scientific cooperation between Republic of Serbia and Federal Republic of FranceMxene nanostructures for clean energy storage20202022
European CommissionCA18102The European Aquatic Animal Tracking Network20192023
European CommissionCA18237European Soil-Biology Data Warehouse for Soil ProtectionPartner20192023
European CommissionCA18213Rural NEET Youth Network: Modeling the risks underlying rural NEETs social exclusionPartner20192023
European CommissionCA18210Oxygen sensing a novel mean for biology and technology of fruit quality20192023
European CommissionCA 17123Ultrafast opto-magneto-electronics for non-dissipative information technology20182023
European CommissionCA 17122Increasing understanding of alien species through citizen science 20182023
Program of National Research Foundation of QatarNPRP11S-1126-170033Self-organized optical structures in semiconductor heterojunctions, nanocomposites, metamaterials, photovoltaics, and plasmonics, for applications in energy and information technologies