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Department of Materials Science

Odseka za nauku o materijalima slika
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The Department of Materials Science has over 40 researchers working in  basic, developmental and applied research in the field of chemistry, physics, physical chemistry, electronics, materials engineering, chemical and biochemical engineering, biotechnology, electrochemistry, namely: development of electroceramics and films for use in electronics and renewable energy sources, mechanical properties of materials, ferroelectrics, varistors, multiferroics, magnetic and sensor materials, biopolymers and electrically conductive polymers, nanoencapsulation in essential oils, piezoelectric flexible films, materials for fuel cells and fuel cells by the deposition of alloys for use in water electrolysis processes and low-temperature fuel cells, semiconductor metal oxides for obtaining oxygen from water, nanostructured materials for the treatment of industrial water by photocatalysis and the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly construction binders, geopolymers and other alkali-activated materials.

Head of department: Dr Maria Vesna Nikolić

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  1. The Innovation Fund/ Proof of Concept 5033: “Microalgal cell wall-based composites for biosorption of metals from polluted waters”, Participants from Department of Materials Science: Gordana Tanasijevic, project leader: dr Ivan Spasojevic
  2. The Innovation Fund/ Proof of Concept 5076:” Photoreactor based on electrospun nanofibers of samarium-doped titanium-dioxide”, Participants from Department of Materials Science: dr Milan Zunic, dr Goran Brankovic, dr Zorica Brankovic, dr Jovana Cirkovic, Sanita Ahmetovic
  3. The Innovation Fund/ Proof of Concept 5262:” Zinc encapsulated in biodegradable polymers: a sustainable solution for cereals boosting: Participants from Department of Materials Science: dr Jovana Cirkovic
  4. The Innovation Fund/ Proof of Concept 5776: “Non-toxic flexible piezoelectric films for vibration energy harvesting”, Participants from Department of Materials Science: dr Mirjana Vijatovic Petrovic (project leader), dr Jelena Bobic, dr Nikola Ilic, dr Adis Dzunuzovic
  5. Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia/PROMIS 6062244:” Rational design of multifunctional electrode interfaces for efficient electrocatalytic hydrogen production (RatioCAT)”, Participants from Department of Materials Science: dr Uros Lacnjevac


  1. UNDP 00094603/07/2020: “LIQUID 3”, Participants from Department of Materials Science: dr Danica Stojiljjkovic
  2. Bilateral project between the Republic of Serbia and Italy, “Lead-free piezoelectric and multiferroic flexible films for nanoelectronics and energy harvesting”, Mirjana Vijatovic Petrovic (Project leader), Members: Jelena Bobic, Nikola Ilic, Adis Dzunuzovic
  3. Bilateral project between the Republic of Serbia and Austria, “Lead free Aurivillius-based materials: close-line between Raman spectroscopy and ferro/multiferroic properties”, Jelena Bobic (Project leader) Members: Mirjana Vijatovic Petrovic, Nikola Ilic, Adis Dzunuzovic
  4. Bilateral project between the Republic of Serbia and Germany: "Nanostructured semiconducting metal-oxides as gas sensors for medical diagnostics by breath analysis", Katarina Vojisavljević (Project leader) members: Zorica Branković, Goran Branković, Milica Počuča-Nešić, Jelena Vukašinović, Olivera Zemljak
  5. Bilateral project between the Republic of Serbia and Germany:” TiO2 nanotube arrays decorated with platinum group nanoparticles for electro catalysis applications”, members Nevenka Eleyovic, Uros Lacnjevac
  6. Bilateral project between the Republic of Serbia and Croatia “Microstructural and mechanical characteristics of concrete with recycled materials", member: Jelena Jovanovic
  7. COST Action CA 17123 “Ultrafast opto-magneto-electronics for non-dissipative information technology” Management committee member: Mirjana Vijatovic Petrovic, Members: Jelena Bobic, Nikola Ilic, Adis Dzunuzovic
  8. Cost Action CA20116 “European Network for Innovative and Advanced Epitaxy”, Management committee member: Nikola Ilic, Members: Mirjana Vijatovic Petrovic, Jelena Bobic, Nikola Ilic, Adis Dzunuzovic
  9. Bilateral project between the Republic of Serbia and Germany, Engineering of TMDCs for solar cells, member Igor Popov
  10. Bilateral project between the Republic of Serbia and France, Mxene nanostructures for clean energy storage, member Igor Popov
  11. Project of the National Qatar Research Organization, NPRP11S-1126-170033, “Self-organized optical structures in semiconductor heterojunctions, nanocomposites, metamaterials, photovoltaics and plasmonics, for applications in energy and information technologies” member Igor Popov