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Jelena Korać Jačić is the winner of the award for scientific publication of a young researcher in the field of physiology and/or biophysics for 2019/2020. year, which was awarded by the Foundation “Academician Radoslav K. Andjus” for work: Jelena Korać Jačić, Ljiljana Nikolić, Dalibor M. Stankovic, Milos Opacic, Milena Dimitrijevic, Danijela Savic, Sanja Grguric Shipka, Ivan Spasojevic, Jelena Bogdanovic Pristov. Ferrous iron binding to epinephrine promotes the oxidation of iron and impedes activation of adrenergic receptors. Free Radical Biology and Medicine, 2020, 148: 123-127. (