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Department of biology and inland waters protection

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The group for ichthyology and applied aquaculture within the Department of Environmental Science became the Department of Biology and Protection of Inland Waters in 2018. The scientific research team of the Department deals with the characterization of the state of aquatic ecosystems, fish populations in inland waters of Serbia, examination of parameters and possibilities of using freshwater organisms as indicators of the state of aquatic ecosystems, applying different methods.

Research in the Department is carried out by a team consisting of two principal research fellows, five senior research associates, four research associates and two research assistants.

Researchers from the Department of Biology and Inland Waters Protection provide services for the development of the Fisheries Management Program, monitoring of the fish stock and surface water program, environmental impact studies, as well as the development of various expertise in the field of ichthyology.

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  • The European Network for Environmental Citizenship (COST Action CA16229)
  • The European Aquatic Animal Tracking Network (COST Action CA18102)
  • Increasing understanding of alien species through citizen science (COST Action 17122)
  • Mass removal of the black bullhead (Ameiurus melas) – Possibilities for self-sustaining commercial farming in Serbia (2nd Rufford Small Grant, ID: 31053-2)
  • EU for Serbia - Continued implementation of Chapter 27 in the field of nature protection NATURA 2000 (EuropeAid, ID: 139336)
  • Managing and restoring aquatic ecological corridors for migratory fish species in the Danube River Basin (MEASURES)
  • Comparative ecology of selected invasive fish species in Slovakia and Serbia in respect with climat change and human disturbance
  • Facilitating Fish Migration and Conservation at the Iron Gates (WE PASS)
  • European Commision, European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency       Project No 101093985 - Restoration of the Danube river basin waters for Ecosystems and People from Mountains to Coast – DANUBE4All

The team members create:

  • Fisheries Management Programs
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Studies
  • Monitoring programs of the fish fund and inland waters

The team members also provide expertise in fish fund management.