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Multidisciplinary Research

Naslovnilistic  Institute – Past and Future

Directors IMSI

The Institute for Multidisciplinary Research (IMSI), University of Belgrade, is one of the leading scientific institutions in Serbia. This scientific institution is devoted to both the basic and the applied research. Currently, the institute employs 94 researchers, of whom about 70 with Ph.D. degree.

Since many different topics are available for studying, such as materials science, biophysics, neurosciences and biomedical engineering, environmental studies, electrochemistry, renewable energy sources, artificial intelligence, information technologies and many others, researchers are encouraged to develop their skills according to their interests.

   Founding of IMSI

The history of IMSI starts in 1970, when it was founded by the University of Belgrade, as the Center for Multidisciplinary Research. The main aim was to foster the research and postgraduate education of young scientists in multidisciplinary research areas, neglected by the classical educational system.

In 2007, the government of the Republic of Serbia has reestablished the Center, changing its focus mainly towards research. The name of the institution was changed to Institute for Multidisciplinary Research (IMSI).

The establishment of novel high education system that involves the synergistic approach between the experts from various fields was the unique vision of founders of the Institute. The great majority of them represent most notable researchers in their respective fields, such as: Radoslav Anđus, Momčilo Ristić, Aleksandar Despić, Rajko Tomović, Mirko Simić, Dušan Kanazir, Miomir Vukobratović, Miroslav Gašić, Panta Nikolić and Zvonimir Damjanović.

After nearly half century of existence, IMSI promoted several hundreds of Ph.D.’s and many of them became leading researchers in the institutes abroad.