University of Belgrade - Institute for Multidisciplinary Research

Radomir Žikić

PhD in Physics

Research Professor

Telephone: (+381) 64 1590930

Research area

  • Physics of nanophase systems; Quantum transport in heterostructures; transport properties of mesoscopic hetero-structures and bio-molecules;
  • High throughput sequencing
  •  Physics of Superconducting/Ferromagnetic structures
  • Stark broadening, spectral line shape and plasma diagnostic


  • Highperformance computing
  • Network management
  • Programming languages: FORTRAN, Python, PHP-SQL
  • Biography
  • Projects
  • Selected publications
  1. Work experience:    
  1. 2020- present Research Professor at University of Belgrade, Institute for Multidisciplinary Research
  • 2016- 2020 Research Professor at University of Belgrade, Institute of Physics
  • 2012-2014 Government of Republic of Serbia, Assistant Minister, Ministry of Education, science and technological development. Head of Sector for EU integration and development. National Contact Point in FP7 and Horizon 2020 Framework Programme.
  • 2009- present Founder and Principal Investigator of Nano Bio Lab at Institute of Physics Belgrade (exclusively using international grants and donations)
  • 2008-2011 The Coordinator, FP7 initiative “NanoTools for ultrafast DNA sequencing” (NanoDNAsequencing GA214840). “The pan-European project decoding the DNA“
  • 2007-2016 Institute of Physics Belgrade, Associate Research Professor
  • 2005-2007 Oak Ridge National Laboratory USA, visiting scientist
  • 2001-2005 Institute of Physics Belgrade, Serbia, Assistant Research Professor
  • 1994-2001 Institute of Physics Belgrade, Serbia, Researcher
  1. Education:
  • 2001 D. in Physics, Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade, Serbia “Influence of the Junction Type and Superconducting Ordering on the Josephson Effects”
  • 1998 Sc. in Physics, Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade, Serbia “Quasiparticle Spectrum in Josephson Weak Links”
  • 1994 Sc. in Physics, Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade, Serbia
  1. Other professional activities
  • Chair of Organizing committee XVI National Symposium on Condensed Matter Physics – SFKM 2007, Vrsac, Serbia,
  • Chair of Organizing committee XVI National Symposium on Condensed Matter Physics – SFKM 2004, Sokobanja, 20.9. – 23.9. 2004, Serbia and Montenegro
  • Served as a Serbian Delegate in ESFRI (European Strategic Forum on Research Infrastructure);
  • Served as a member of JRC Board of Governors (EU Joint Research Centre);
  • Served as a Serbian National Coordinator (NCP) for HORISON2020;
  • Head of the Negotiating Group 25 – Science during Serbia-EU accession negotiations.

Editorial and Reviewer’s activity (journals, books, projects):

  • Reviewer in Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, Physical Review, Nanotechnology, Solid State Comm


  • The Co-PI of EIT Urban Mobility project: urbanDRONEscheduler
  • Team member of Serbian Ministry of Science project: “Транспортне и термодинамичке особине нових материјала: суперпроводник / феромагнет”


  1. Chapters in Monographs:
  • “Probing the order parameter symmetry of unconventional superconductors by Josephson effects”, R. Zikic and Lj. Dobrosavljevic-Grujic, Chapter in “Progress in Josephson Junction Research”, 2006, Nova Publisher
  1. Peer reviewed journal articles
  • Djurišić I., Dražić M.S., Tomović A.Ž., Spasenović M., Šljivančanin Ž., Jovanović V.P., Zikic, R. 2020. DNA sequencing with single-stranded DNA rectification in a nanogap gated by N-terminated carbon nanotube electrodes. ACS Applied Nano Materials, doi: 10.1021/acsanm.0c00385.
  • Djurišić I., Dražić M.S., TomovićA.Ž., Spasenović M., Šljivančanin Ž., Jovanović V.P., Zikic, R. 2021. Field effect and local gating in nitrogen-terminated nanopores(NtNP) and nanogaps (NtNG) in graphene. ChemPhysChem, doi: 10.1002/cphc.202000771.
  • Dražić M.S., Cerovski V., Zikic R. 2016. Theory of time-dependent nonequilibrium transport through a single molecule in a nonorthogonal basis set. International Journal of Quantum Chemistry, doi: 10.1002/qua.25318.
  • Djurišić I., Dražić M.S., Tomović A.Ž., Jovanović V.P., Zikic R. 2021. Electrostatically driven energy shift of molecular orbitals of benzene and nicotine in carbon nanotube gaps. Journal of Nanoparticle Research, doi: 10.1007/s11051-021-05139-y.
  • Tomović A.Z., Markešević N., Scarpellini M., Bovio S., Lucenti E., Milani P., Zikic R., Jovanović V.P., SrdanovV.I.2014. Stabilization of N,N′-bis(3-methylphenyl)-N,N′-bis(phenyl)benzidine thin film morphology with UV light. Thin Solid Films,doi: 10.1016/j.tsf.2014.03.081.
  • “Pressure dependence of the large-polaron transport in anatase TiO2 single crystals” Jaćimović, C. Vaju, A. Magrez, H. Berger, L. Forró, R. Gaál, V. Cerovski and R. Žikić Europhysics Letters 99, 57005 (2012)
  • “Superharmonic Josephson relations in unconventional superconductor junctions with a ferromagnetic barrier” Zikic and L. Dobrosavljević-Grujić Physical Review B 75, 100502(R) (2007)
  • “Characterization of the tunneling conductance across DNA bases” Zikic, P. S. Krstic, X.-G. Zhang, M. Fuentes-Cabrera, J. Wells, and X. Zhao Physical Review E 74,  011919 (2006)
  • “A program for the evaluation of electron number density from experimental hydrogen balmer beta line profiles” Zikic, M.A. Gigosos, M. Ivkovic, M.A. Gonzalez, N. Konjevic Spectrochimica Acta Part B, 57/5, 987 (2002)
  • “Phase dependent energy spectrum in Josephson weak links” Zikic, L. Dobrosavljevi c-Grujic and Z. Radovic Physical Review B, 59 14644 (1999)