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Spektophotometer Shimadzu 2501-PC (Shimadzu, Japan)

Apparatus is applied in spectrophotometric characterization of liquid samples and for conducting biochemical assays.
Temperature-controlled spectrophotometer; Wavelength range 200-800 nm

Spectrofluorimeter and phosphorimeter FL3-221 P TCSPC (HORIBA JOBIN YVON)

Measurements of steady state and time resolved fluorescence and phosphorescence, on liquid and solid samples. There are two detectors in T configuration (photon counter and photomultiplier). For time resolved fluorescence diodes are purchased emitting at: 265, 278, 340, 370, 460, 488, 625 nm и 650 nm laser diode. Time resolved fluorescence can be measured in the range 100 picoseconds to 10 milliseconds.
Light sources: 450 W xenon lamp and microsecond UV xenon flash lamp.
Excitation range: 200-950 nm
Emission range: 200-950 nm
Possibility of temperature control in the measuring compartment in the range -20–80°C by using Peltier cooler.
Accessory for polarization fluorescence measurement.
Dewar vessel for keeping the sample in liquid nitrogen in the measuring compartment during measurement.
FluorEssence software.

Heka-AM Systems-Axiovert Patch-Clamp System

The system is applied in elecrophysiological measurements. It contains microscope, amplifier, micro-manpuplator, electrode puller, interface.

Gas Chromatograph GC-2010-Plus (Shimatzu, Japan)

High-sensitivity equipment for detection and quantification of volatile compounds in liquid and gaseous samples. Type of detection: MS; Carrier: He; Type of ionization: EI.

Scanning electron microscope (SEM) “Tescan Vega TS 5130MM″ (Czech Republic) equipped with a back-scatter electrons (BSE) detector and an energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) system (“INCAPentaFETx-3″ detector, Oxford Instruments, UK).

Spectrofluorimeter FluoroLog 3 (Horiba, Japan)

Fluorolog-3 spectrofluorоmeter is used to measure and fluorescent and phosphorescent spectrum samples in liquid and solid form.
The main parts of the Fluorolog-3 spectrofluorometer system are:
State-of-the-art optical components (include double-grating monochromator in the excitation and emission path in an „L“ configuration range 200-800 nm, FL-1040 Phosphorimeter and F-3004 Peltier Smaple Cooler),
A personal computer,
DataMax for Windows, the driving softer.

Electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectrometer Varian E104-A (Varian, USA)

It is suitable both for liquid and solid samples, and can detect organic radicals, spin-trapped ROS, RNS, and other paramagnetic species. It can be used for detection of transition metals.
Apparatus operates in X-band, and it is equipped with cooling system with liquid nitrogen.
Cavity can be irradiated with light during the measurements.

a) Impedance analyzer “HIOKI LCR HiTester 3532-50″ (Japan);
b) External DC BIAS adapter;
c) Electric furnace;
d) Cell for electrical measurements.

Potentiostat/galvanostat/ZRA “Reference 600″.

Manufacturer: GAMRY Instruments, USA.

High-voltage source-measure unit “Keithley 237″.

Manufacturer: Keithley, USA.

System for electrical characterization of samples: Impedance-measuring instrument “Agilent HP 4276A LCZ Meter″ (USA) + furnace “Elektron″ (Serbia).

Gas flow meter “MKS PR 4000B-F″ + Gas flow controllers “MKS 1479A″.

Manufacturer: MKS Instruments GmbH, Germany.

System for thin film deposition.

Manufacturer: Cookson Electronics, UK.

Viscometer “Haake PK 100″.

Manufacturer: HAAKE, Germany.

Leitz microscope “Laborlux″.

Manufacturer: Leitz, Wetzlar, Germany.

HPLC LC-20AB Prominence (Shimadzu, Japan)

In combination with adequate columns and mobile phases LC-20AB Prominence enables separation and characterization of wide spectrum of metabolites such as phenolic acids, flavonoids with anthocyanins, amino acids, carboxyl acids, ascorbate, glutathione and carotenoids.
Modular system consists of:
– degasser (DGU-20A3),
– binary pumps (LC-20 AD),
– auto-injector (SIL-20 AC),
– column oven (CTO-20A),
– diode array detector (SPD-M20A)
– fluorescence detector (RF-10-AXL).

System for microwave digestion of samples under the high pressure.

Manufacturer: BERGHOF Instruments GmbH, Eningen, Germany.

HPLC Waters LC-MS System (Milford, USA)

High-performance liquid chromatograph is an apparatus used to separate, identify, and quantify each component present in in a experimental matrix. Liquid chromatography is a fundamental separation technique in the life sciences and related fields of chemistry.
Waters HPLC system consisting of 1525 binary pumps, thermostat and 717+ autosampler connected to the Waters 2996 diode array and EMD 1000 single quadropole detector with the ESI probe. 2465 electrochemical detector is also included in different setups.

Optical emission spectrophotometer with inductively coupled plasma (ICP-OES) “SpectroGenesis EOP II″.

Manufacturer: Spectro Analytical Instruments GmbH, Kleve, Germany.

Water quality analysis set “Multi 340i / SET”.

Manufacturer: WTW, Germany.

Water quality analysis set “UW 2000″.

Manufacturer: Windaus, Germany.

Soil analysis set “Visocolor”.

Manufacturer: Macherey-Nagel, Germany.

2D Electrophoresis System “Multiphor II, EPS 3501 XL, SE 600 Ruby″ (Amersham BioSciences, UK)

PCR System “Applied Biosystems 2720″ (Applied Biosystems, USA)

Gel visualization system “GelDoc UVIDOC, UVIdoc D-55-LCD-20M-Auto″ (Uvitec, UK)

Laminar flow cabinet “AURA MINI″ (Laftech Bio-Cabinets, Australia)

BioRad Trans-Blot SD System (BioRad, USA)

Clark type oxygen electrode(Hansatech Instruments Ltd., UK)

Fully equipped biochemical lab

Biochemical lab contains: working surfaces, storage space, 3 centrifuge (Eppendorf, Germany), analytical scale (Sartorius, Germany), pH meter, shaker, microplate reader, mill.

Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer “Sanyo MDF-393″ (Sanyo, Japan)

Chamber furnace with a maximum temperature of 1600°C.

Manufacturer: Elektron, Serbia.

Tube furnace with a maximum temperature of 1600°C.

Manufacturer: Lenton, UK.

Nitrogen Dry Box (glove-box for anoxic conditions) (Plas-Lab, USA)

Planetary ball mills (3 pcs.).

Manufacturer: Fritsch Pulverisette, Germany.

Reactor for hydrothermal synthesis of powders.

Manufacturer: Roth, Karlsruhe, Germany.

Electrofishing device “ELEMAX SHX 2000″.

Manufacturer: Sawafuji Electric, Japan.

Mobile ultrasonic Doppler device for discharge measurements “Q-LINER″.

Manufacturer: ОТТ, Germany.

Pickup truck “Mitsubishi L 200″.

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi, Japan.

Boat “Specijal 80″.

Manufacturer: Premix, Titel, Serbia.

Outboard engine “Yamaha F8 CMH”.

Manufacturer: Yamaha, Japan.

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