University of Belgrade

Institute for
Multidisciplinary Research

Adis Džunuzović

Dr Adis Džunuzović

Research Fellow (Research Assistant Professor)

Department of Materials Science (MS)



Curriculum vitae



2012-present: Ph.D. student at the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy (Department of Materials Engineering), University of Belgrade.


2012: M.Sc., Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade.


2011: B.Sc., Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade.


Work Experience


2019-present: Research Fellow, Institute for Multidisciplinary Research, University of Belgrade.


2012-2019: Research Trainee, Institute for Multidisciplinary Research, University of Belgrade.


Research Interests


• Ferroelectric materials.

• Magnetics materials.

• Multiferroics.

• Synthesis of barium titanate and ferrites powders by chemical synthesis and processing of ceramic materials.


Representative publications



Magnetic, Ferroelectric, and Multiferroic Metal Oxides, Elsevier Publisher 2018, Edited by Biljana D. Stojanovic and Series Editor Ghenadii Korotcenkov

Chapter 2: Perovskite and Aurivillius: Types of ferroelectric metal oxides, Pages 35-49
Mirjana M. Vijatovic Petrovic, Jelena D. Bobic

Chapter 11: Review of the most common relaxor ferroelectrics and their applications, pages 233-249
Jelena D. Bobic, Mirjana M. Vijatovic Petrovic, Biljana D. Stojanovic

Chapter 26: Bulk composite multiferroics: BaTiO3-ferrites, pages 545-557
Mirjana M. Vijatovic Petrovic, Jelena D. Bobic, Biljana D. Stojanovic

Chapter 27: Complex composites: Polymer matrix-ferroics or multiferroics, pages 559-569
Biljana D. Stojanovic, Adis S. Dzunuzovic, Nikola I. Ilic, Mirjana M. Vijatovic Petrovic

– ID=1498

Peer-reviewed international journals


M.M. Vijatović Petrović, A. Radojković, J.D. Bobić, A. Džunuzović, N. Ilić, B.D. Stojanović (2019) Sensing properties of barium titanate nanoceramics tailored by doping and microstructure control, J. Mater. Sci. DOI: 10.1007/s10853-018-03308-4. – ID=1495


Adis S. Džunuzovic, Mirjana M. Vijatovic Petrovic, Nikola I. Ilic, Jelena D. Bobic, Biljana D. Stojanovic (2019) Magneto-dielectric properties of ferrites and ferrite/ferroelectric multiferroic composites, Processing and Applicastions of Ceramics, 13 [1] (2019), 104-113 – ID=1505


A.S. Dzunuzovic, M.M. Vijatovic Petrovic, J.D. Bobic, N.I. Ilic, M. Ivanov, R. Grigalaitis, J. Banys, B.D. Stojanovic (2018) Magneto-electric properties of xNi0.7Zn0.3Fe2O4 – (1-x)BaTiO3 multiferroic composites, Ceram. Int. 44, 683–694. – ID=1493


J.D. Bobić, M. Ivanov, N.I. Ilić, A.S. Dzunuzović, M.M. Vijatović Petrović, J. Banys, A. Ribic, Z. Despotovic, B.D. Stojanovic (2018) PZT-nickel ferrite and PZT-cobalt ferrite comparative study: Structural, dielectric, ferroelectric and magnetic properties of composite ceramics, Ceram. Int. 44, 6551–6557. – ID=1494


Vijatovic Petrovic M.M., Grigalaitis R., Dzunuzovic A., Bobic J.D., Stojanovic B.D., Salasevicius R., Banys J.(2018) Positive influence of Sb doping on properties of di-phase multiferroics based on barium titanate and nickel ferrite, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 749, 1043e1053
– ID=1496


Bobić J.D., Katiliute R.M., Ivanov M., Ilić N.I., Dzunuzović A.S., Vijatović Petrović M.M., Banys J., Stojanović B.D. (2017) Influence of tungsten doping on dielectric, electrical and ferroelectric behavior of BaBi4Ti4O15 ceramics. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 702: 619-625 – ID=1249


M.M. Vijatović Petrović, R. Grigalaitis, N. Ilic, J.D. Bobić, A. Dzunuzovic, J. Banys, B.D. Stojanović (2017) Interdependence between structure and electrical characteristics in Sm-doped barium titanate, J. Alloy Compd. 724, 959-968. – ID=1490


Bobić J.D., Katiliute R.M., Ivanov M., Vijatović Petrović M.M., Ilić N.I., Džunuzović A.S., Banys J., Stojanović B.D. (2016) Dielectric, ferroelectric and magnetic properties of La doped Bi5Ti3FeO15 ceramics. Journal of Material Science: Materials in Electronics 27: 2448–2454 – ID=1253


Ilić N.I., Bobić J.D., Stojadinović B.S., Džunuzović A.S., Vijatović Petrović M.M., Dohčević-Mitrović Z.D., Stojanović B.D. (2016) Improving of the electrical and magnetic properties of BiFeO3 by doping with yttrium. Materials Research Bulletin 77: 60-69 – ID=1250


Ilic N.I., Džunuzovic A.S., Bobic J.D., Stojadinovic B.S., Hammer P., Vijatovic Petrovic M.M., Dohcevic-Mitrovi Z.D., Stojanovic B.D. (2015) Structure and properties of chemically synthesized BiFeO3: Influence of fuel and complexing agent. Ceramics International 41: 69-77. – ID=1031


Džunuzović A.S., Ilić N.I., Vijatović Petrović M.M., Bobić J.D., Stojadinović B., Dohčević-Mitrović Z., Stojanović B.D. (2015) Structure and properties of Ni–Zn ferrite obtained by auto-combustion method. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 374: 245-251. – ID=1030


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Dzunuzovic A.S., Vijatovic Petrovic M.M., Stojadinovic B.S., Ilic N.I., Bobic J.D., Foschini C.R., Zaghete M.A., Stojanovic B.D. (2015) Multiferroic (NiZn)Fe2O4–BaTiO3 composites prepared from nanopowders by auto-combustion method. Ceramics International 41: 13189–13200 – ID=1252


R. Grigalaitis, M.M. Vijatović Petrović, J.D. Bobić, A. Dzunuzovic, R. Sobiestianskas, A. Brilingas, B.D. Stojanović, J. Banys (2014) Dielectric and magnetic properties of BaTiO3 –NiFe2O4 multiferroic composites. Ceramics International, 40: 6165-6170. – ID=917

Scientific meetings


Ilić N., Stojadinović B., Džunuzović A., Bobić J., Tasić N., Curecheriu L., Dohčević-Mitrović Z., Stojanović B. (2015) Improved electrical and magnetic properties in Y doped BiFeO3 ceramics. In: Program and the Book of Abstracts / 3rd Conference of the Serbian Society for Ceramic Materials, 3CSCS-2015, June 15-17, 2015, Belgrade, Serbia, p. 58 – ID=1269


Current projects

Project ID
Project Title
Financial Source
My Status
III45021 Synthesis of nanopowders and processing of ceramics and nanocomposites with specific electric and magnetic properties for application in integrated passive components Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia Member
Bilateralni SRB-SLO Multifferoic composites for novel applications Bilateral cooperation between the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Slovenia Member
COST IC1208 Integrating devices and materials: a challenge for new instrumentation in ICT COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) Member