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Multidisciplinary Research

Aleksandar Savić

Dr Aleksandar Savić

Research Fellow (Research Assistant Professor)

Department of Life Sciences (LS)

Phone: +381-11/2078-308


Curriculum vitae



2013: Ph.D. at the Faculty of Physical Chemistry, University of Belgrade. Dissertation title: “Application of advanced statistical methods for decomposition of complex EPR and fluorescence spectra of free radicals”.


2010: M.Sc. in Molecular Biology and Physiology, Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade.


Work Experience


2016-2017: Postdoc researcher for Total, Université́ Lille 1, France


2015-2016: Postdoc researcher, LAboratoire de Spectrochimie Infrarouge et Raman (UMR CNRS A8516), Université́ Lille 1, France


2014-present: Research Fellow, Institute for Multidisciplinary Research, University of Belgrade.


2011-2014: Research Assistant, Institute for Multidisciplinary Research, University of Belgrade.


2010-2011: Research Trainee, Institute for Multidisciplinary Research, University of Belgrade.


Research Interests


• Chemometrics.

• Image analysis.

• Signal processing.

• Tardigrades


International cooperation


Prof. Gyozo Garab, BRC, Szeged, Hungary – FDLD microscopy

Dr. Roberto Guidetti, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Modena, Italy – tardigrades

PhD Ivica Kopriva, Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb, Croatia – image analysis

PhD Soren Preus, Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark – image analysis




FEBS short-term fellowship, for visiting Modena, Italy.


Other Professional Activities


• Membership: Biophysical Society of Serbia, Society of Physical Chemists of Serbia.


Representative publications

Peer-reviewed international journals


Savic G.A., Preus S., Rebecchi L., Guidetti R. (2016) New multivariate image analysis method for detection of differences in chemical and structural composition of chitin structures in tardigrade feeding apparatuses, Zoomorphology, 135(1), 43-50 – ID=1117


Savić, A., Mitrović A., Donaldson L., Radosavljević J. Simonović, Pristov Bogdanović J., Steinbach G., Garab G, Radotić K. (2016) Fluorescence-Detected Linear Dichroism of Wood Cell Walls in Juvenile Serbian Spruce: Estimation of Compression Wood Severity, Microscopy and microanalysis: the official journal of Microscopy Society of America, Microbeam Analysis Society, Microscopical Society of Canada, 22(2), 361-367. – ID=1158


Milic S, BogdanovićPristov J., Mutavdzič D., Savic A., Spasic M, Spasojevic I. (2015) The Relationship of Physicochemical Properties to the Antioxidative Activity of Free Amino Acids in Fenton System, Environmental Science and Technology, 49(7): 4245-4254. – ID=1044


Savic A.G., Guidetti R., Turi A., Pavicevic A., Giovannini I., Rebecchi L, Mojovic M. (2015) Superoxide anion radical production in the tardigrade Paramacrobiotus richtersi, the first EPR spin-trapping study, Physiological and Biochemical Zoology, 88(4), 451-454. – ID=1041


Savic AG, Zivkovic S., Jovanovic K.K., Duponchel L, Kopriva I. (2015) Complete determination of plant tissues based only on auto-fluorescence and the advanced image analysis – study of needles and stamens, Journal of Chemometrics, 29(10), 521-527. – ID=1094


Pešić M., Podolski-Renić A., Stojković S., Matović B., Zmejkoski D., Kojić V., Bogdanović G., Pavićević A., Mojović M., Savić A, Milenković I., Kalauzi A., Radotić K. (2015) Anti-cancer effects of cerium oxide nanoparticles and its intracellular redox activity, Chemico-Biological Interactions, 232, 85-92 – ID=1045


Pejin B., Jovanovic K.K., Savic A.G. (2015) New Antitumour Natural Products from Marine Red Algae: Covering the Period from 2003 to 2012. Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry, 15(9), 720-730.
– ID=1091


Algarra M., Radotić K., Kalauzi A., Mutavdžic D., Savić A., Jimenez-Jimenez J., Rodriguez-Castellon E., Estevez sa Silva J.C.G., Guerrero-Gonzales J.J. (2014) Fingerprint detection and using intercalated CdSe nanoparticles on non-porous surfaces. Analytica Chimica Acta 817( 17), 228-235. Chemistry, Analytical 7/75, 4.387 – ID=900


Bukvički D., Stojković D., Soković M., Vannini L., Montanari C., Pejin B., Savic A., Veljic M., Grujic S., Marin P.D. (2014) Satureja horvatii essential oil: In vitro antimicrobial and antiradical properties and in situ control of Listeria monocytogenes in pork meat. Meat Science 96(3), 1355-1360. Food Science & Technology 17/124, 2.754 – ID=895


Pejin B., Savic A.G., Petkovic M., Radotic K., Mojovic M. (2014) In vitro anti-hydroxyl radical activity of the fructooligosaccharides 1-kestose and nystose using spectroscopic and computational approaches. International Journal of Food Science and Technology, 49, 1500–1505 – ID=975


Pejin B., Savic A., Sokovic M., Glamoclija J., Ciric A., Nikolic M., Radotic K., Mojovic M. (2014) Further in vitro evaluation of antiradical and antimicrobial activities of phytol. Natural Product Research 28(6), 372-376. – ID=976


Kesic S., Nikolic LJ., Savic A.G., Petkovic B., Spasic S.Z. (2014) Ouabain modulation of snail Br neuron bursting activity after the exposure to 10 mT static magnetic field revealed by Higuchi fractal dimension, General Physiology and Biophysics, 33(3), 335-344. – ID=977


Pejin B., Savic A., Kien-Thai Y., Mojovic M. (2014) Further in vitro evaluation of antiradical activity of the moss Rhodobryum ontariense tea using EPR and fluorescence spectroscopy, Cryptogamie Bryologie, 35(2), 173-179. – ID=978


Pejin B., Nakarada Dj., Novakovic M., Tesevic V., Savic A., Radotic K., Mojovic M. (2014) Antioxidant volatiles of the freshwater bryozoan Hyalinella punctata, Natural Product Research, 28(18), 1471-1475. – ID=980


Pejin B., Savic A.G., Hegedis A, Karaman I., Horvatovic M., Mojovic M (2014) A bryozoan species may offer novel antioxidants with anti-carbon-dioxide anion radical activity, Natural Product Research, 28(22), 2057-2060. – ID=981


Pejin B., Jovanovic K.K., Mojovic M., Savic A.G. (2013) New and Highly Potent Antitumor Natural Products from Marine-Derived Fungi: Covering the Period from 2003 to 2012. Current topics in medicinal chemistry 13(21), 2745-2766. Chemistry, Medicinal 9/59, 3.702 – ID=893


Nikolić M., Marković T., Mojović M., Pejin B., Savić A., Perić T., Marković D., Stević T., Soković M. (2013) Chemical composition and biological activity of Gaultheria procumbens L. essential oil. Industrial Crops and Products 49: 561-567. Agricultural Engineering 3/12, Agronomy 12/78, 2.468 – ID=663


Dučić T., Borchert M., Savić A., Kalauzi A., Mitrović A., Radotić K. (2013) Enhancement in statistical and image analysis for in situ µSXRF studies of elemental distribution and co-localisation, using Dioscorea balcanica. Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 20(2): 339-346. Instruments & Instrumentation 6/57, Optics 17/80, Physics, Applied 33/128, 2.186 – ID=404


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Savić A., Kardos R., Nytrai M., Radotić K. (2013) Decomposition of Complex Fluorescence Spectra Containing Components with Close Emission Maxima Positions and Similar Quantum Yields. Application to Fluorescence Spectra of Proteins. Journal of Fluorescence 23: 605-610 – ID=665


Jovanovic K.K., Savic A.G., Jankovic R., Radulovic S., Spasic S.Z., Radotic K. (2013) Detection of DNA mutations based on analysis of multiple wavelength excitation/emission fluorescence kinetics curves in real-time PCR. Medical Hypotheses 80: 376-379 – ID=666


Savic A.G., Mojovic M. (2012) Free radicals identification from the complex EPR signals by applying higher order statistics. Analytical Chemistry 84: 3398-3402. Chemistry, Analytical 3/75, 5.695 – ID=661


Djikanović D., Simonović J., Savić A., Ristić I., Bajuk-Bogdanović D., Kalauzi A., Cakić S., Budinski-Simendić J., Jeremić M., Radotić K. (2012) Structural Differences Between Lignin Model Polymers Synthesized from Various Monomers. Journal of Polymers and the Environment 20(2): 607-617 – ID=399


Current projects

Project ID
Project Title
Financial Source
My Status
III43010 Modulation of antioxidative metabolism in plants for improvement of plant abiotic stress tolerance and identification of new biomarkers for application in remediation and monitoring of degraded biotopes Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia Member
OI173017 Study of structure-function relationships in the plant cell wall and modifications of the wall structure by enzyme engineering Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia Member
Structural anisotropy of the plant cell walls of various origin and their constituent polymers, using differential polarization laser scanning microscope (DP-LSM) Bilateral cooperation between the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Hungary Member
Advanced analysis of micro scale images in biology and medicine Bilateral cooperation between the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Belarus Member
COST Action FA1206 Strigolactones: biological roles and applications COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) Management Committee Member