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Multidisciplinary Research

Miroslav Nikolić

Dr Miroslav Nikolić

Research Professor

Department of Plant -Soil and Nano Systems (PN)

Phone: +381-11/3058-956


Curriculum vitae



1999: Doctorate in Agricultural Sciences (Plant Nutritional Physiology), University of Belgrade.

1995: M.Sc. in Plant Physiology, University of Belgrade.

1990: Graduate degree with honours in Agriculture (Viticulture major), University of Belgrade.


Work Experience

2018-present: Head of the Department of Plant Nutrition.

2007-present: Research Professor (tenured), Institute for Multidisciplinary Research, University of Belgrade.

2003-2007: Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Multidisciplinary Research, University of Belgrade.

2002: Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, University of Udine (Italy).

1999-2001: Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of Plant Nutrition, University of Hohenheim (Germany).

1991-1999: Research Assistant, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade.




• Erasmus Mundus professorship, International Master in Viticulture and Enology – VINTAGE (2008-2009).

• Serbian Ministry of Science and Technology research excellence award (the First Price in biology, 2004).

• DAAD (Germany) research fellowship, University of Hohenheim (visiting Ph.D. student, 1997-1998; alumni scientist, 2004).


Research Interests


• Nutrient acquisition and transport in plants.

• Micronutrient deficiency and metal toxicity in plants.

• Plant ionomics (nutriomics).

• Silicon in plant biology and agriculture.

• Mineral nutrition influence on biotic stress in plants.

• Rhizosphere, fertilization and soil reclamation.

• Environmental toxicology and monitoring.



• ”Plant Physiological Ecology”, Doctoral study in Forestry Sciences, Faculty of Forestry

• ”Rhizosphere Ecology”, Doctoral study in Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture

Other Professional Activities

• 2020-present: Associate Editor of Agronomy for Sustainable Development (Springer).

• 2018-present: Section Editor of Plant and Soil (Springer).

• 2018-present: Associate Editor of Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition (Springer).

• 2018-present: Editorial Board member of Frontiers of Agricultural Science and Engineering (China).

• 2017-2018: Associate Editor of Frontiers in Plant Science (Frontiers).

• 2017-present: Vice President of The International Society for Silicon in Agriculture (ISSAG).

• 2015-present: Appointed President of the Board of Institute for Plant Protection and Environment.


Representative publications



Liang Y., Nikolic M., Bélanger R., Gong H., Song A. (2015) Silicon in Agriculture. Springer, Dordrecht, Netherlands. ISBN: 978-94-017-9977-5. – ID=1101

International book chapters


Nikolic M., Pavlovic J. (2018). Plant responses to iron deficiency and toxicity and iron use efficiency in plants. In: Plant Micronutrient Use Efficiency: Molecular and Genomic Perspectives in Crop Plants, 1st Edition, A.M. Hossain et al. (Eds.), pp. 55-69. Academic Press, Elsevier, London. ISBN: 9780128121047. – ID=1503


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Weise H., Nikolic M., Römheld V. (2007) Silicon in plant nutrition. In: The Apoplast of Higher Plants: Compartment of Storage, Transport and Reactions, B. Sattelmacher and W.J. Horst (Eds.), pp. 33-47. Springer, Heidelberg. ISBN: 978-1-4020-5842-4 – ID=818

Peer-reviewed international journals


Tripathi D. K., Vishwakarma K., Singh V. P., Prakash V., Sharma S., Muneer S., Nikolic M., Deshmukh R., Vaculík M., Corpas F.J. (2021) Silicon crosstalk with reactive oxygen species, phytohormones and other signaling moleculs. Journal of Hazardous Materials 408: 124820. (Environmental Sciences 8/265, IF = 9.038, M21a) – ID=1632


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Stefanovic D., Nikolic N., Kostic L., Todic S., Nikolic M. (2021) Early leaf removal increases berry and wine phenolics in Cabernet Sauvignon grown in Eastern Serbia. Agronomy 11: 238. doi: 10.3390/agronomy11020238 (Agronomy 18/91, IF = 2.603, M21) – ID=1631


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