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Department of Plant Nutrition (PN)


The mission of the department is to foster fundamental research in plant nutrition of natural and managed systems. The final goal is to increase nutrient use efficiency by manipulating plant-environment interactions and developing new sustainable fertilization strategies.


The vision of the department is to increase international recognisability in the global plant nutrition society. To achieve this, we need better integration of basic and applied research from the molecular level to the field/ecosystem scale.


The long-term department’s focus is to understand nutrient acquisition and utilization processes in plants under stressful environment, and metabolic functions of mineral elements in stress tolerance.

Currently, the main research interests are:
– dynamics of mineral elements in plant-environment systems,
– physiological role of mineral elements and plant ionom,
– rhizosphere processes and root biology,
– soil fertility and development of new fertilization strategies, and
– mineral nutrition of natural vegetation on degraded and low fertile soils.

The central topic of the research is the role of silicon in mineral acquisition and transport, and in overall stress signaling. The other ongoing research topics are available at

Service and extension

The department is equipped with ICP-OES and CHNS analyzer that allow the high performance and advanced elemental analysis of soil, plant tissue, fertilizers and irrigation water samples. We can also help farmers and their consultants in advanced fertilization strategies for various crop production systems.

Department of Plant Nutrition (PN)

Head: Dr Miroslav Nikolić

Research Professors

 1. Dr Miroslav Nikolić

Research Associate Professors

Research Assistant Professors

 2. Dr Igor Kostić
 3. Dr Ljiljana Kostić Kravljanac
 4. Dr Nina Nikolić

No. Project ID Project Title Financial Source
1.OI173028 Mineral Stress and Plant Adaptations to Marginal Agricultural SoilsMinistry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia
  • Tithane dioxide laboratory glass
  • Tithane dioxide HPLC
  • Tithane dioxide patch-clamp
  • Tithane dioxide HPLC
  • Tithane dioxide EPR
  • Tithane dioxide electrode puller
  • Tithane dioxide leaf
  • Tithane dioxide magnified leaf
  • Tithane dioxide spectrophotometer
  • Tithane dioxide spectrofluorimeter
  • Tithane dioxide HPLC