University of Belgrade - Institute for Multidisciplinary Research

Miloljub Luković

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering

Research Professor

Address: Volgina 15, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Telephone: (+381) 11 2085 048

Research area

  • EM (electromagnetic) modeling and simulation
  • EMI / EMC filters
  • Magnetic materials
  • Thick film sensors, design, modeling and realization
  • Analysis of the influence of mechanical activation of initial powders on the properties of sintered materials
  • Processes and technologies for obtaining various materials for electronics
  • Electrical and magnetic characterization of materials and applications in electronics


He has extensive experience in the field of thin and thick layers of electricotechnical materials, synthesis of nanopowders as well as the influence of dopans on the characteristics of sensors. Works on the following devices: Scanning electron microscope (SEM) Tescan Vega TS5130MM, impedance measuring instrument Hioki LCR HiTester 3532-50, power supply source and meter Keithley 237, impedance measuring instrument Agilent HP 4276ALCZ Meter, thin film application system, tube furnace with a maximum temperature of 1600 ° C and devices for the production of thick layers.

  • Biography
  • Projects
  • Selected publications

1.Work experience:

2016-: Research Professor, Institute for Multidisciplinary Research,

University of Belgrade.

2010-2016: Senior Research Associate, Institute for Multidisciplinary Research, University of Belgrade.

1988-2010: Lead researcher, Institute of Security, Belgrade.


2001: Ph.D. of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade

1993: Master of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade

1988: Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade

3.Awards and certificates:

“Invention – Belgrade 24.5.2002.” – received a diploma for the solution “Materials for planar thick-layer integrated LCV cells” (first place) from the Association of Inventors and Authors of Technical Improvements, Belgrade.

4.Other professional activities

During his research career, Dr Miloljub Luković contributed to the establishment of cooperation with scientists in several countries, especially from Ireland, Greece and Austria. Participated in a project with Little fuse Ireland Ltd, Ecco Road, Dundalk, Ireland called “Realization of New Integrative Passive Devices-REANIPD”. The project was related to the design and application of LCV – 3D cells MWO work packages. He participated in the international development project Magneto PIM – Fabrication of complex shaped, magnetically soft and hard part drying PIM (Powder Injection Molding), CIRCE action, 2008-2010 with partners from Austria and Serbia.

Courses taught:

2020: Doctoral studies at the Technical Faculty in Čačak, subjects: Thin-layer and thick-layer technologies of electrotechnical materials and Sensors. Since 2015, he has been hired as a teacher at the Higher Vocational College for Business Informatics – Sirmium in Sremska Mitrovica.

Editorial and Reviewer’s activity (journals, books, projects):

2005-2008: Member of the Editorial Board of the journal “Science, Technology, Security”, NTB – Institute of Security, Belgrade.

He has reviewed papers published in international journals: Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Ceramics International, Materials Science and Engineering B, Nanotechnology.


  • 2011-2019. Innovative electronic components and systems based on inorganic and organic technologies embedded in consumer goods and products for mass consumption
  • 2008-2010. New configurations of ferrite transformers and EMI thrusters for DC/DC converters and telecommunication modules
  • 2005-2007. Design and manufacture of thick-layer passive microelectronic circuits and networks for high frequency operation
  • 2000-2005. Synthesis and properties of thin and thick films
  • 1995-2000. Materials and technologies for microsystems-subproject Microelectronics, optoelectronics and microsystem technologies
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