University of Belgrade

Institute for
Multidisciplinary Research

Vesela Radović

Dr Vesela Radović

Senior Research Fellow (Research Associate Professor)

Department of Life Sciences (LS)

Phone: +381-11/2078-308


Curriculum vitae



2013: Ph.D. at the Faculty of Safety, Belgrade (Serbia), University of Belgrade. Dissertation title: “Fire protection of sacral objects in Vojvodina region.”


2010: M.Sc. in fire safety protection, Faculty of Work Protection, University in Nis.


Work Experience


2015-present: Institute for Multidisciplinary Research, University of Belgrade.


2012-2015: Acting dean , Faculty of Applied Security, EDUCONS University in Sremska Kamenica.


2008- 2012: Assistant professor, Faculty for Environmental Protection, EDUCONS University in Sremska Kamenica.


2001-2008:Counsellor for civil protection, The Ministry of Defence, The Department for emergency situations, Novi Sad.


1990- 2001: Counsellor for scientific research work, The Provincials Secretary for Education, Culture and Science, Pristine, Kosovo.


Research Interests


• Environmental security.

• Risk management.

• Disaster management.

• General safety and security.


International cooperation


Prof dr  Ali Gheith,  Emergency and Disaster Management at Metropolitan College of New York in New York City.

Prof dr Tim Bedford, Decision and Risk Analysis, the Management Science Department of the Business School, Strathclyde University, Glasgow.

Dr Ekaterina Arabska ,  University of Agribusiness and Rural Development- UARD University, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.




Fulbright- Humphrey Fellow Tulane University, New Orleans (United States).


Other Professional Activities


• Membership: American Public of Health Association, Fulbright association in the Republic of Serbia, State alumni of USA.


Representative publications



Radovic V. M. (2017). Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility and Disaster Risk Reduction: A Serbian Overview. In M. Camilleri (Ed.), CSR 2.0 and the New Era of Corporate Citizenship (pp. 147-164). Hershey, PA: IGI Global. (M14) – ID=1302


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ISSN: 1874-6268 (PB), doi: 10.3233/978-1-61499-478-7-135
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Radović V., Trivan D.: Do We Really Understand Why Environment Became an Important Task for the Intelligence Community in the Global world? In: Intelligence and combating terrorism-new paradigm and future challenges. Eds.: D Caleta and P. Shemela. Published by Institute for Corporative Security Studies-ICS, Ljubljana, Slovenia and Centre for Civil –Military Relations, Naval Postgraduate School Monterey USA, pgs. 53-66. 2014 ISBN: 978-961-92860-8-1, CIP 005.922.1
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Radović V., Majeed, H., H.. The Importance of Critical Infrastructure during Disasters: The Great Challenge for the First Responders. In National Critical Infrastructure Protection-Regional Perspective. Eds, Z.Keković, D. Čaleta, Ž.Kešetović, Z. Jeftić. Faculty of Security, Belgrade and Institute for Corporative Security Studies-ICS, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Belgrade, pgs. 279-288, 2013. ISBN: 978-86-84069-84-1
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Radović V., Andrejević A.: Serbian Efforts to Improve Environmental and overall Security in Black Sea Regional Cooperation, In Black Sea Energy Resource development and Hydrogen Energy Problems. Eds Veziroglu,A., Tsitskishvulli, M. Springer Publishing, IOS Press: Series C Environmental Security, Dordrecht, Netherlands, pgs.271-290, 2013. ISBN: 978-94-007-6157-5 (PB), ISBN: 978-94-007-6152-0 (e –book)
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Radović V., Mitić P., Raspopović N.: Implementation concept of ‘’Business crises and continuity management’’ a great challenge in the recovery process of Serbian Economy.’’ In Management of Corporate Security-New Approaches and Future Challenges. Eds, Čaleta, D., Vršec., M. . Institute for Corporative Security Studies-ICS, Ljubljana, Slovenia, pgs.115-128, 2013. ISBN: 978-961-92860-7-4, CIP 005.922.1
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Prokić D., Radović V., Stepanov J., Ćurčić Lj.: Application of s/s method in the treatment of contaminated soil from non-sanitary landfills in the republic of Serbia, . Metalurgia International, Volume XVIII (2013) number 4. pgs 311-316 ISSN: 1582-2214
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Komatina Petrović S.,.Radović V. : Hydro geoseismological methods for earthquake prediction. Ecological scientific center, Russia, 1, pgs 1729-5459. ISSN: 1729-5459
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Peer-reviewed international journals


Domazet S., Radović V., Cvijanovic D. (2016). Challenges of increasing competitiveness of Serbian agro-industry in the process of mitigation of emergency situation. Economics of Agriculture, 2016 (63) 3 (767-779) (M24). – ID=1296


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Domazet S., Radović V. (2016). Izazovi implementacije savremenih standarda u aktivnostima organizacija u cilju nastavka poslovanja, Ecologica, Beograd, Srbija 23 (82):349-354. (M51) – ID=1304


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Scientific meetings


Radović V. (2016),Ekološki rizici kao pretnja održivosti organizacije i šire zajednice. Zbornik radova s konferencije Management&Safety, 2016 Vrnjačka Banja, 24-25, Мај, 2012. Vol 3, knjiga 3, стране 161-170. (M33) – ID=1297


Radović V., Vujić B., Arabska E. (2016) Raising awareness about linkage between environmental contamination risk and providing food security to population in the Republic of Serbia Urban EKO V International Conference „Ecology of urban areas“ 28-30. September, 2016, Palic, Serbia. (M33) – ID=1298


Radović V., Krnjajić D., Ilić B. (2016) Providing food security having in mind one risk more-plant pest and disaseses. XXIV International Conference Ecological Truth, Eco –Ist116, 12-15. June, 2016, Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia. (M33) – ID=1299


Radović V., Domazet S. (2016) Increasing organization competitiveness in emergencies avoiding unethical and irregular behavior – great dilemma in risky world, 7th International Scientific conference „Contemporary Trends in Social Control of Crime“, Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia 30-31 May 2016 (M33) – ID=1300


Domazet S., Radović V. (2016) Migrants: New challenges for the EU, 7th International Scientific conference „Contemporary Trends in Social Control of Crime“, Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia 30-31 May 2016. (M33) – ID=1301


Pucarević, M., Bursić, V., Lazić, S., Radović, V., Đurović, R., Šunjka, D., Grahovac M.: Trends of dithiocarbamate residues in raspberries in the Republic of Serbia over the period 2007/2010, Acta horticulturae, X International Rubus & Ribes symposium, Zlatibor, Serbia, No 946 pp.327-332, June 22-26, 2011. – ID=1152